Going for Broke… Digit-ally speaking

Kaya leaning on an elbow
Photo Credit: Chris Liberty

You may have noticed the pink bandage on my right paw. It’s not a fashion statement. I broke my toe. The fourth one on my right paw. The one next to my baby toe. What people call their ring finger.

Chris Liberty came over for dinner with his lovely female companion Sheryl, two days after I broke my toe. Since the camera my mom usually uses is in Ukraine at the moment, Chris was gracious enough to bring his camera and at my mom’s behest, he took these lovely photos of me with my bandaged paw for paw-sterity…sorry I couldn’t resist.

So how did this happen? Well, it happened so quickly that I had to really think to write this next part: I was playing at the park on Friday night right at dusk, like I like to do, since I am Crepuscular. Nothing seemed unusual. Then, I landed on my paw very awkwardly – on the outer edge of it actually. It seared with pain. I held up my paw since it hurt like crazy to put weight on it.

Kaya on the porch

Anyone need a white shepherd model?  This is my head shot if you do. You can reach me at kaya.govindasamy@yahoo.com. Photo Credit: Chris Liberty

I hobbled home right away. My mom iced my paw, but she didn’t know where I was hurt exactly. So she iced it all over and gently ran her fingers over my lower leg to feel for swelling or some obvious rupture. She worried that I ripped a ligament in my leg, or that I cracked my wrist. She had a sneaking suspicion that I fractured a bone.

She brought my water dish close to my bed so I could drink without getting up.
We went to bed. I soon fell asleep. And then, so did she…or so she says.

The next morning my paw really hurt. Especially first thing in the morning. It was really stiff. It was awfully painful when I tried to put weight on it, so I stopped trying and hopped around. When my mum was in the bathroom, I nearly fell down the stairs trying to get to the first floor but I caught myself just in time. (Thank you athletic genes…from saving me from even more grief!)

Photo Credit: Chris Liberty

My mom called the vet as soon as they opened and said she had a lame dog on her hands and could she bring him ’round. They gave her a time in the middle of the day and she encouraged me to lie down and relax until then.

When it was time to go, she opened the backdoor of the car in our driveway. I hopped in. We were off. She parked a few meters from the vet’s place and she helped me hobble up the stairs and inside.

We waited a few minutes, not long. The vet opened the door to his exam room and called my name. I tried to make for the exit, but my mom pulled me back and ushered me into the exam room.

She put a muzzle on me and the Doctor picked me up and put me on his crazy moving metal table. I twisted and turned and tried to wiggle out of his arms, to no avail. After I stopped wriggling, he let go of me. Then my mom held on to me to keep me relatively still. Mr. Doctor started feeling around my right leg and then moved each of my toes. I screamed when he came to the fourth one. That’s when he announced that I broke my toe.

Kaya looking to the side

Photo Credit: Chris Liberty

My mom discussed what to do with him. She decided she wanted me to be as comfortable as possible and was very concerned that the doctor do what he could to reduce my pain. He said a bandage would help support the paw and help make me feel more comfortable and Tremadol would help take the edge off the pain.

So picture this: As I said before, I had a muzzle on; The doctor called for this person to come in and restrain the back part of me; my mom was busy restraining the front part of me; then the doctor flipped me on my side while these two held me down. All this, so he could bandage up my paw to stop the toe from moving independently (which hurts like hell) and provide it with some support.

Mr. Doctor declared that there should be no swimming with the bandage on. It should not get wet. My mom is to fasten a bag around it with masking tape if its raining out. He said it takes about 2 months to heal and I should minimize my activity. They gave us a lampshade thing to put on my head if I try to take the bandage off (which I haven’t) and dispensed some Tremadol which is given to me in a small ball of baby mozzarella to mask the bitterness. How civilized.

Kaya Shot From Above

Photo: Chris Liberty

I did not ask for a pink outer bandage. And I did not ask for the heart with the Canadian Maple Leaf in the middle of it. The doctor just took it upon himself. But no matter…I do love my country…and women think it’s cute so they give me extra attention which is alright by me.

Thanks to Chris for documenting my unfortunate state. I hope in the future I look back at these pics and laugh remembering this episode…that is, after it’s healed of course.:-) BOL

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